How to use dark mode on Twitter web & mobile?

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Twitter dark mode makes for a more friendly experience for users while also reducing the drain on the device's power. Follow the steps below to turn ON the dark mode on Twitter:

Dark Mode on Twitter is a common feature available in most apps and websites and comes as a built-in function in smartphones nowadays. It reduces pressure on your eyes when looking at a screen at night. The dark mode is also called a Night mode.

Twitter allows its users to switch between dark and light modes on all of its official Android, IOS, and the web version apps. There are many third-party apps available on Playstore, Appstore, and Chrome extension webstore that allow activating Dark mode on Twitter. Want to know how to turn ON dark mode on Twitter?

What Is Dark Mode on Twitter?

Dark mode or Night mode on Twitter, much like dark mode of YouTube, is optional, and it just changes the appearance of the app and website without compromising functionality.

The Twitter feature does not impact how its website or app operates or introduce any additional functionality to the dark mode except only changing the looks. However, many users choose to activate dark mode because the eyes can be more comfortable due to less strain when lighting is low, and the battery life of new devices with the OLED screen can also be saved.

How to enable Dark Mode on Twitter’s android & IOS app?

Here are the steps to turn on night mode on Twitter for iOS or Android.

Step #1
Go to the Twitter app on your Android or iOS device and swipe right to pull up the menu OR just tap on the menu option on the top-left corner of the screen.

Step #2
Now, in the menu look for the Settings and privacy option & tap on it to open.

Step #3
On Settings and privacy screen, tap on the Display and Sound option under General settings section.

How to use dark mode on Twitter web & mobile

Step #4
On the Display and sound screen, under the Display settings section tap on the Dark mode option.

Step #5
Now on the Dark mode screen, select the On option to turn-on Dark mode. Or you can also select the Automatic at sunset option which will activate dark mode on Twitter during nighttime.

There are also 2 options for the Dark theme:

  • Dim
  • Lights out

Note: If your sole purpose of using dark mode is to reduce battery power consumption, we would like to recommend selecting the Lights out option.

How to enable Dark Mode on Twitter’s website & on Windows 10 app?

Windows 10 Twitter app is based on the web version of Twitter. The process of activating the dark mode is the same on Windows 10 app as it’s on the web version of Twitter as the coding is identical for both versions. So these are the steps to turn on Dark Mode on the Twitter website and Windows 10 app.

Step #1
Go to the Twitter website ( or Twitter app on windows 10.

Step #2
Click on the More option located on left-hand sidebar of the screen. Then select Settings and privacy option.

Step #3
Then select Accessibility, display and languages option -> Display option

Step #4
Under Display, select the Dim (Bluish theme dark mode) or Lights out (black theme dark mode) from the Background section.

Note: The website and Windows 10 app version of Twitter provide customization option like color change too. You can use this option to customize the color of links and the icons on Twitter.


Is Dark mode better for your eyes?

Dark mode, which is intended to minimize blue light and reduce glare, all of which benefit your eyes. However, dark mode is not for all, and it can potentially cause more vision issues than remedies in some situations.

Whether it is suitable for your eyesight still is a matter of debate despite comprehensive media coverage. The dark mode settings may reduce screen brightness and optimize displays for low light conditions usage, but there is little information about its effectiveness in reducing eye strain.

What is the advantage of dark mode?

Apple believes that dark mode lets people concentrate on their jobs, while Microsoft believes the dark mode decreases eye strain and enhances battery life. Google says that it helps increase visibility for low vision and glare sensitive users. 

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